ADMS Design Services

Our vision is to offer customers a rich palette of highly specialized R&D services supporting electronics design in general, and mixed-signal or data-converter IC design and application in particular. These services include design, innovation, benchmarking, verification, education, documentation, etc. A complete list is found below. Follow the links to know a little more about each service.

Electronics Design

Electronics design with a focus on the system level is the core service we offer. ADMS Design can support your projects before, during, and after the actual design-phase.

Before ...

Design phase

After ...

Other Services

Can we do more?

As seen above, ADMS Design offers a wide range of services. Our goal is to be able to support you in that particular area where you currently need it most. We are happy to contribute with anything from a single hour of phone support up to full-time participation in projects. If you have a need that isn't covered by the services listed above, you are welcome to contact us to see if we can add that service, or otherwise recommend a suitable supplier from our professional network. Our intention is to provide analog, digital & mixed-signal design when you need it.